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Proclaiming The Word Of God With Joy

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A little girl, face deformed by cancer, falls in love with the ugliest doll as we learn that through the eyes of love, even the ugliest can be beautiful. This visual presentation is designed for Christmas but can be modified for Valentines Day. A clear presentation of the Gospel is given along with an opportunity to pray and receive Christ's gift of salvation that removes all the ugliness of sin in God's eyes.

This presentation has a special "elephant in the room" section that addresses the fact that not everyone is joyful (Christmas). It has been the favorite part for those who feel left out.

This talk lasts 25 (Valentine's Day) to 40 (Christmas) minutes.

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Personal testimony of how God's grace can turn brokenness into a victorious life of beauty and value for His Kingdom. A stained glass masterpiece by Tiffany becomes the illustration for God's transformative work.

Combining gardening experience with theology, this talk teaches how we prepare the "soil" of our hearts to receive the gift of the seeds of joy and how we can open our hearts for those seeds to grow! A clear presentation of the Gospel is given along with an invitation to pray and accept Christ as Lord and Savior.

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Cultivating Joy 

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From Pieces to Masterpiece